Friday, April 3, 2009

Springbreak ohN I N E!

Well...2mmr officially strts off my spring breakk :) Can't wait! I'm going to Biloxi/NewOrleanss.This year is going to be funn. Well, todayy my dayy was fine. Everybody was really excited to be leaving on their trips && what nt.

I'm Currently: waiting on Will(bestie] to pick me up so I can go hang out w| ____ before I leave on my tripp; maybe we'll work out our problems IDK.

ANYWAYS, I found a nice lil video dat made me laugh....yuu guys might enjoy it:

Lmao...This bxtch can't be serious; Why is it dat everybdy think deyy can rap nowndayys?
Ima come out w| song && that shxt gna be fireXD j/k

P.S: hope everybdy has a safe/wonderfull springbreakk! :)

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