Friday, May 22, 2009

Here's My Story On This Boy.... =)

William Quintavious Bowles <3

Cant Live W/em Can't Live W/out Em ! This boy means so much to me (even though i dunt act like her does]. I can NEVER meet another person like him. We always doin something dumbb when were togetherr , but that's what BESTFRIENDS are for =) && believe he's not going any where. He's going to be there when I get married , have my first kid , && graduate from college !

I can remember the dayy we met. It was homecoming week && i was nominated for homecoming court. He came up to me && told me I was his new bestfriend lol. && ever since then we've been inseperable !

I can talk to him about any && everythingg ! && I can honestly say IDK what Ima do next year w/out him. I mean who's gna be there on those days we feel like skipping lunch && going to Chick fil A?

No time wasted when Im w/ him. I can always count on us havingg a GOOD time !

Hope yer college career goes well ! IFUCKINGLOVEYUUMORETHENTHEWORLD <3

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