Sunday, June 21, 2009

Partyy Partyy Party...Lets All Get Wasted .

so , after a FULL weeknd of partyingg && house deciding to stay in todayy since its Father's Day . i wish every nightt was like fridayy . that partyy was CRAZYY . me && my girls tore that bxtch apart , had every nixgga wishingg && choosingg :)

higlights of the night :

*this one random ass nxgga during take yu down strts grindingg on me . smh , that was the funniest shxt ever...i almost cried laughingg .
*saw my buddy marcus ! lol finally met him in person...he was uhh...exactly what i expected...let's leave it @ that ;)
*GMS && they ratchet ass shot up the && likah ran into a wall from runningg..that shxt was hilarious.
*ima fxck witchu the long wayy - stack money boys performed.
*seeing all my girls for like the FIRST time this summer; boy did we have fun.

shxt was CRAZYY . smh , let's juss hope this weeknds the same !

-- i'm outtie !

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