Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Have A Couple Of Statements To Get Off My Chest:

being in cliques ARE LAME.
fxcking every dude who yuu talk to or go w/ is NOT CUTE.
if yuu dunt have a job && still stay home w/ yer parents...den yuu dunt get money.
if yuu have to say yer "badd" yer not.
myspace statuses werent made for arguingg over; nor having FULL conversations on.
repping COBBCOUNTY till yu die is the lamest shxt i've heard.
everybody who calls themselves "real" is fake.
girls: if yer weave looks like weave...then juss give up.
if i wanted to comment your pics on myspace...i already would've; so stop telling me to!
NOBODY jumps people anymore. if yuu cant fight by yourself...dunt talk shxt!
trying to spit game over myspace/facebook is pointless.
if yer 18yrs or olderr why the fxckk do yuu still go to teen clubs?
not every boy looks good w/ a mohawk.
yer not fresh if yuu way the same outfit within two weeks.
shopping @ cumberland!? NEVERRR
boys: its a turn off to girls if we see yer boxers && shxt while sagging.
&& last but not least if yu've lived in cobb county all yer life..yer not hood, ghetto, guttah w/e the fxckk yuu wna call it.

-- jessica lorraine :)

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