Sunday, August 16, 2009


I’ve forgiven unforgivable mistakes, I’ve tried to replace unreplaceable and forget, unforgettable people.

I’ve done many things just by impulse, I’ve disappointed with many people when I’ve never thought to be disappointed, but I also did it to someone.

I’ve already embraced someone to protect it, I’ve laughed when I couldn’t anymore,

I’ve made eternal friends, I’ve loved and was loved, but also was rejected and didn’t love.

I’ve lived of loved and made eternal swears and I’ve fell many times.

I’ve already cried listening to music and watching the pictures of my life,

I also was afraid of losing someone special and I did lose…

But I lived and still live!

I just go along life… the best is to face life with determination and fight,

embrace life with passion,

lose with style and win with a daring thought

because the world belongs to those who DARE and LIFE is too SHORT to be insignificant.

-- One Tree Hill

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