Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's that time of the year again....'s that time of the year again. time to start cutting off people out of my life!
i go thru this phase atleast 3 times a year....but this time im starting early!

let's get something straight:
-if yuu have a problem w/ me...then tell me! i hate hearing stuff from other people... but on the other i n f a m o u s --'s flattering that people i dunt even know knows my name && shxt.
spreading rumors ONLY makes me more famous; keep that in mind =)

-i absolutely H A T E noisey people! like stop worrying about me...&& worry about yer problemss !

-hiding yer real feelings on blogspot,facebook,&&myspace does NOT make yuu "real" or "hard"
if yuu have so much to say on a status or in a blog...why not say it in person? or if yuu have my # make my phone vibrate ! lol

i could go on && im not. juss had to put this out there!


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