Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Thin Line Between Love And Hate.....

have yuu ever loved somebody so much...that yuu hated them?
its like...i look @ yuu...and im disgusted...but then again:
i hate that im STILL not over yuu.
i hate looking @ yer statuses saying "still looking for her"; when yuu had her!
i hate getting over excited everytime yuu still text me.
i hate that when i try to tell yuu how im feeling about us right now...yuu dunt take it serious.
i hate that i still hold on too EVERY single picture i have of yuu on my computer.
i hate that i still go back && read all of our IMs && messagess.
i hate that juss 5 minutes ago, me && yuu skyped -- && that made my dayy.
i hate that yuu probuly text me when yer bored.
i hate that i have to tell people that i'm through w/ boys...but in juss waiting on yuu.
i hate that EVERY memorie i have w/ yuu (good & bad) is still fresh on my mind.
i hate that its the dumbest things yuu do that make me smile.
i hate that i can still give yuu 25 reasons why im still in love w/ yuu.
i hate that that i'll probuly NEVER get around to tellingg yuu this.

so basically im not giving up on yuu;
im juss done wishing for something that will obviously never happen.

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