Saturday, September 26, 2009

Who Am I ?

i just got off the phone w/ my friend bishop. && he made me realized alot of stuff. other than the fact, that me && him have both been through hell && back in our past, && we went through alot of changes in life, i learned something more valuble.

he made me realize that some/mostly all the shxt i do, is not right. he made me realize, that i do not know who i am, nor do i know who i want to be. he told me that im characterized by the people i hang w/ && what they do. to be truthful, he was telling the TRUTH.
i am not this uptight, cocky, bxtchy female that everybody thinks/hears i am.
as of right now i dont know who i am. im more focused on pointless shxt, that i have no identity.
im soooooo MUCH more than what people think/see that i am.
i noticed that everything i do has a reason. like im crying out for help..but nobody hears me.
for the first time today...i actually felt like somebody got me, or knows where i was coming from. of right now, im having a WHOLEE different outlook on things.

-- Jessica Lorraine Hodges.

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