Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fair Night = <3

a night out with my girls = odee funn. havent had a fun nightt like this in a while. saw ALL my old friends...made some new ones+got on the ferris wheel w/ a "loved" one for the first time lmao+cut in EVERY ride line+sharing funnel cakes= one fun asss nighttttt

yepp, there's really no point of this...but yep juss had to keep yall informed lmao.
ohh yeah...&& i got 40 followersss :) lol thanks everybody !!!


  1. i hate you SO much , of all pictures ; you put the one where im walking away lol . thats jessica for yur ass !

  2. sounds like fun...I want a funnel cake right

    (don't 4get to follow my blog)