Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Ask Little Wayne Who The 5Star Bxtch Is....."

"5 ? Lil Mama You're A 3 Starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" this shxt has been on my mind of a minute now. like why does every female think they a 5star chick ? its special qualifications to even call yerself "badd" or even have 5 stars.
My Deffinition of A 5Star Chick:

+1 Star= Firsts things first. DONT TRUST NO HOE. lol just like Travis Porter said. being a hoe gets yuu know love!

+1 star= I n d e p e n d e n t ; as in not depending on others. yuu got a job &&got all yo shxt togetherrr.

+1 star= Not only looks...but brain too. yo school grades straight...yuu not making no dumb ass decisions that gon fxck yuu up for the rest of your life.

+1 star= "Cheaters never win. Winners never cheat" ;; as in LIEING. like i hate liers...idk about yall...but lieing && flexing plays a big role to me.

+1 star= Staying Faithful. Having about 100 babydaddys/boyfriends is not cool...or nowhere near cute

+1star= Last but not least...looks and personality. Now im not saying looks are EVERYTHING..but hell...atleast look decent to even consider yo self bad

***Note: points/stars also get duducted if:
*have no good hygine
*not classy
*being to LOOSE! (every girl likes to have its a time and place for everything)

-- Now thats my deffinition of a 5star chick. Please tell me other ideas if you want to add!


  1. omg. finnally someone knows what im talking about.

    i agree wit yu 100%

  2. whats good beautiful ;) i like your blog b. it inspires. im def gonna follow but check it. im a kid that wanna be a fashion designer and i need everybody help for there opinion of the art. im trying to launch my clothing line out its taking a while but it may come. check it out if you like. and leave comments and follow as well

    later and peace b

  3. nice way to break it down. A+
    the blog that no one knows about