Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Best Rapper Alive ?

" Yeaah I'm allergic to cheatin and I hate failure
and I'm in love with achievement ......"

" done with the speakin begun with the preachin ; now pray until I am one with the deacon ; now play until I have won whatever we win ; I play until I have won and then I re-win "

yes this can be arguable...but let's face the facts. what rapper do yuu know that sells over a MILLION copies on the first dayy ? what rapper yuu know whos mixtapes sell more then most peoples actual cds ? nobodyy ! his swagg - undefinable ; his lyrics - amazingg . in my eyes , point blank period -- hands downn he's the best . && aint nobodyy touchingg him !

-- oh yea , dunt sleep on drake eitherr . he on his wayy to the topp too . naww scratch that...he alreaddy up there !

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