Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Oh9

the past week has flown by soo quicklyy . && me && my girls have did almost everythingg we could think about . when it's us either sneakingg boys in , sneakingg out , late night swimming in my neighborhood pool ; we always find someway to get ourselves in some kind of trouble .

&& i can honestly sayy...i'm way past the bullshxt . i'm wayy past tryingg to make "somethingg" outta nothingg w/ these wack ass nxggas . it's the summertime , why play games w/ a bxtch who can play em better right ?

i'm readyy for any && everythingg ! so bringg on the heartbreaks , the fights , the makeouts , the hookups , the punishments , the tears && happiness !


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